Wholesale body wrap product and formulas, Spa Clay, Spa Mud (seaweed formula), Anti-Cellulite gel, Aloe Vera bodywrap formula, Herbal all natural blends, Chocolate Body Wrap, Body Wrap kits, bandage wraps, sauna suits, business kits and supplies, and more all at wholesale prices... Large quantity factory direct discounts are available. Bodywrap products are formulated to produce inch loss and reduce cellulite, Body Wraps are a great addition to any weight loss program and the perfect addition for any salon or spa service.

Wholesale Body Wrap

Distributing Salon and Spa Body Wrap Formulas
and Supplies at Wholesale Prices.

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Body Wrap Formulas include: Sea Clay, Sea Mud, European Dry Mineral, Aloe Vera, Herbal, Chocolate, Men's Clay, Superfruit Clays, Anti-Cellulite Blend, Anti-Aging Blend, Stretch Mark Treatment Blend, Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment Blend.

Our focus is on supplying the best Body Wrap Formulas on the market. If you are serious about providing your customers with the best and most advanced formulas for maximum inch loss and skin care benefits, we are here to help you help your clients! 

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All natural, organic formulas with no parabens, we use only the best and safest ingredients.


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